21 May 2021
Sports News

Over the weekend I saw a wonderful display of sportsmanship from the Australian rugby franchise the Brumbies. With their game against the mighty Crusaders finely in the balance, the Brumbies scored a last minute try to get within a conversion of drawing the game.

To put this possible draw in context, the Crusaders have won the Super Rugby title 10 times over all, with five titles coming in the last five years. Plus they were at home. So for the Brumbies to come across to NZ and gain a draw would have been a really credible result. So, with the clock in the red, the Brumbies fly half had a touchline kick to draw the game, but he pulled it wide and the game finished 31-29 to the Crusaders.

As the fly half digested his missed kick, hands on his knees in disappointment, off camera, what you couldn't see was his teammates running over to give their mate a big old hug, showing him that although they lost, they did it together. They knew he tried his best and performed his skill (the kick) to the best of his ability, it just didn't work out this time round.

And it's this aspect of coaching that I want to focus on. There's been a big shift in coaching in regards to how we deal with errors or poor execution. The difference is this, if a netball player (goal attack) gets the ball, pivots, sets herself for the shot, a routine she will have practiced 100 times and misses, although it's an error, it's not a problem because the behaviours were right. The same could be said for a football player in the U9s who tries a bit of skill, gets tackled and it leads to a goal for the opposition, I wouldn't batter an eyelid because had the skill worked it could have been a goal for us. It comes down to what we call 'positive behaviours' in sport, which has nothing to do with the behaviour of the children, but the act of trying a skill or technique for the right reasons.

We want our children to express themselves and play without fear which means allowing children to make mistakes for the right reasons. Conversely, if a child clearly isn't trying or is performing certain skills or moves to only benefit themselves, that's when I would potentially step in and give that player a certain target.

We have to understand that it's hard for children to show that kind of empathy to a friend or teammate when something goes wrong purely because of their age. Some are good at it, but all too often I'll hear,

'What was that?'

'Why did you do that?'


But displays like that of the Brumbies is a priceless resource for us and it's why when I saw it I knew I had to show it during assembly, because it was a wonderful show of empathy, support and sportsmanship to rally around a player who they know tried their best but unfortunately came up short! Fingers crossed our boys and girls have taken this video on board and many will now have a better understanding of how we cope with our own and others errors, because we all make them.....well I don't, but some do.

'Stars of the Week'

Pre Prep - Matthew Cox for displaying an amazingly controlled and powerful running style. Lots to come from him.

Pre Prep - Aaron Li for joining Willington and making a big impact in sport. He too has a great running ability and looked right at home in the 80m trials!! A great Summer signing.

Pre Prep - Heather Maddison for working extremely hard in our sports day trials.

Prep - Guy Folkman for outstanding fielding in his match against Homefield. Heroic.

Prep - George Whittaker for his great attitude and work ethic which is now bearing fruit. He took three wickets in one over against homefield, just missing out on a hattrick.

Prep - William Hauviller for continuing to work hard, asking questions and being determined to improve.

Prep - Toby Hudson for an improved attitude both in PE and Games. He also worked on the pull shot last week and he used the shot during his game scoring two boundaries.

  • Preparations for Sports Day are underway which is exciting and it's such great news that we are able to have parents et al attend!
  • I am beginning to put the football fixtures onto SOCS so if that is of interest to you, pop on and have a look at who your child will be playing.
  • Mr Jaffer and myself will be sending out an invite for the Parents vs Staff cricket match so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Have a lovely weekend and if you're playing sport, I hope the weather improves.

Mr Gibbs