U11A v The Harrodian School

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Date: Wed 25 May 2022
Time: 15:15
Venue: Away | Verdun Road entrance Map icon
Type: Geoff Richards Trophy - Group Match
Timings:Meet: 13:45 Return: 18:00
Venue Details:Verdun Road entrance
Further information
This is a Geoff Richards Group A game against Harrodian.

- Each team will consist of 8 players who will bat in pairs.
- Each pair of batters will bat for three consecutive overs. If the Group -
- Phase is played as a 1-day tournament, this may be reduced to 2 overs per pair.
- No bowler may bowl more than two overs in any one game.
- The wicketkeeper may not bowl
- Each team will commence its innings with a score of 200. When a batter is out for any reason five runs will be deducted from the total. - - Otherwise runs will be scored in the normal way.
- If a batter is dismissed he/she will not face the next delivery, even if this means changing ends.
- Wides and No-balls will count for 2 penalty runs. No extra ball will be given for a wide or no-ball unless this occurs in the last over of an innings.
- Any delivery bouncing more than twice, or rolling, before it reaches the striker will be called a no ball.
- No player may field within 11 yards of the wicket, measured from the middle stump, except behind the wicket on the off-side. A fielder may move into the restricted area to make a catch or
to field a ball provided he was outside the area when the stroke was made.
- The captain is in sole charge on the field and any coaching from the side by team managers or parents is to be discouraged.
Result: tbc
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